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Op 28 mei 2013 is onderstaand artikel gepubliceerd in het opiniedeel van het FD
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Charlotte de Vries Lentsch heeft veel expertise over Mannen/Vrouwen/Misverstanden. Op 23 maart 2013 is ze geïntervied over twee MWM onderwerpen in de erg populaire Radio 1 Nieuwsshow. Het fragment duurt ongeveer 15 minuten
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"I have hired Charlotte de Vries Lentsch since 2006 as a coach for senior and middle managers as well as for senior teams. Charlotte has all the senior personal experience it takes to be an effective high level coach. I value her as a very original and result oriented professional. Her coaching brings about unique, lasting insights that really make a difference. It is a pleasure to work with her."

Dirk Buggenhout

"I have been coached by Charlotte in 2011 and 2012. Charlotte is a remarkable coach: the results I took out of her coaching are by far the best I have ever had. She is bright, intelligent and very sharp in her analysis of what to work on. She gave me great insights in my own behavior, and that of teams I worked with. She is at her best with high profile people, people willing to be critical about themselves, to start working outside of their comfort zone and looking for real change that lasts.
Next to that, I asked Charlotte to run workshops for woman in business. The workshops were literally "life changing" because of the insights she gave us, and were very well received by the participants."

Annemieke Rijke

"Charlotte has the ability to uncomplicate things, giving you a totally new perspective on matters. Out of her experience and insight she gives you practical solutions that work.
It is a pleasure to work with her and, after every session, experience directly the positive results, both in work as in your private life."

Peter Verdaasdonk

"Charlotte gives you inspiration and makes you think differently. Her approach, helping you look at things from different kaleidoscopic angles, really brings you new, lasting insights. After a session you have much food for thought and a clearer view on the world around you, making it a more simple and easier place to work and live in."

Thorvald Guurink

“Charlotte has a unique approach in enhancing interaction between members of a team and therefore boosting performance of a team in total. I can wholeheartedly recommend Charlotte's services.”

Jeroen Tielman, Managing Director Commerce Strategy & Innovation at Cordares,
currently Cofounder and CEO of IMQubator

"Charlotte has provided us with deep insights, thanks to her unique way of analysing different fields of energy. It had enabled us to indentify obstacles as well as opportunities."

Gerard Driehuis, Henk Steenhuis and Thieu Vaessen, at Welingelichtekringen.nl

"Charlotte de Vries Lentsch always exceeds expectations, serving her top segment clientele in any arena with sagacity, groundbreaking insights and ingenious solutions. Working with Charlotte and her unique approach "Octophoron©" opens the door to a learning experience of a lifetime."

Christine Koetsier, Ascentador, Global Executive Search.

"Giving me insight and understanding, Charlotte boosted each and every one of my eight energy levels."

Thieu Vaessen